TPT Welders

TPT welders with lower power consumption.
TPT welders with lower power consumption.
TPT \ TTT welders inter-switchable. different radiators for different areas.
TPT welders
TPT welders panel with clear alarm system and data .

Product Name : TPT Welders


A design up-to-date
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Stable
  • Lesser Consumable
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Description Parameters Remark
Utilized Capability 100% 24 hours usage
Voltage Stabilizing Capacitor 9000μF Much better currency output
IGBT 400A x 2 Greater currency is possible
Rectifier 100A / 1600V -----
Transformer in/output copper cable By thick dia. Low Temp, less variation
V & A value display By digital -----
Output Volt, Currency, Abnormal -----
Input Voltage, 220/380/415/440 Mechanically adjustable -----
Main Cabinet withstanding Temp. 85℃ Higher security
Power Consumption 21KVA Economically
Successful Installation
by TPT at 3mm, flatenning test   customer's satisfaction   speed at 5.0mm

Speed at 5.0mm   TPT - 3 torches   TPT in running

whole unit after installation